Nevada City (gold country), California

Defined by many as the finest preserved of the Gold Rush Towns, Nevada City is rich in history. In 1849 a prospector found gold in Deer Creek, and soon the miners were pulling as much as a pound of paydirt a day from the creek. The town was first called Deer Creek Dry Diggins, but was changed in 1850 to "Nevada". It became Nevada City soon after to avoid confusion with the state of Nevada. During the height of the gold rush the population reached as high as 10,000, but today the population is close to 2,500.

Nevada City is set among the tall pines, victorian houses, and the many historical buildings. The historic district includes 93 buildings that are listed with the National Register of Historic Places, and there are 18 landmarks that are also registered. There are many quaint shops, an abundance of artistic pursuits, and so many superb restaurants, that Nevada City has been given the nickname of "Carmel of the Sierra Foothills".

things to do in Nevada City

Firehouse Museum
This old firehouse is now a museum that documents the town's history.

The Nevada Theatre
Founded in 1865, this historical theatre is the oldest operating theatre in California.

Deer Creek Miners Trail
a short walk along Deer Creek visiting six stations describing what it was like to prospect for gold in early - day Nevada City.

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